Ice Fall Review- Walt Stone & Mica Stone

 Summary : Future meets Ice Age. Four doctors in training get involved in a fight for the survival of the world. The first book of the Clearsky Chronicles takes us on an adventure filled with murder, technology, and an elaborate plan two decades in the making.

Cerebus is the head of society, while the Earthlanders live to serve. Four medical cadets get involved with a rebellion not against the City proper, but instead against the complacency of the government to intervene in a dying Earth. In an attempt to cover the rebellion, it has been decided that the med cadets must also die or risk putting a halt to the rebellion. Reynal and his “brothers”, pawns in the revolution under their secretive leader, “Teach”, see it necessary to save the girls from their demise. By saving their life, the girls are now thrust back in the middle of a plot to save their world, unknowingly on the same side as those who would have destroyed them.

Review: 4/5

I want to start off by saying, visually the novel is very appealing. When I read, my brain will paint a full world regardless of what is written there. This book’s world has been meticulously built and is enjoyable to read because I get to be a bit lazy with my imaging and still receive a bountiful image.

As I was reading, I couldn’t help feeling that this story might be more accessible as a graphic novel or comic series. The way the book is setup lends itself to that sort of medium as well. It is broken down into changing viewpoints (both characters and written point of view) and chapters, but episodes as well.

Because the book is broken into all these pieces that are intrinsically connected, it is sometimes difficult to follow. The pacing suffers because of this, making it difficult to keep reading at some points, particularly the beginning of a segment. Each ending segment, however, was a spectacular cliffhanger or sense of resolution. I would find myself trudging through the beginnings just to get to the satisfaction of a good ending.

This book would be a good fit for students who are interested in action or futuristic role-playing video games. I think my students might enjoy that the book is broken into so many small parts, especially those students who are not very good endurance readers. They would be able to read a portion of any chapter and feel a sense of accomplishment that they received a part of a story that was complete. This is the difference¬†between a 3 and 4 rating for me. Even though it doesn’t fit my preferences of how I like to read, I see the value for that low endurance reader or the reader who wants to have a good story and may not have enough time to commit to reading a whole book (like during finals or state testing!)

There is some inappropriate language, especially toward the end. I will have to say, that at first, I found the final ending of the first 6 episodes lackluster, but reading the final text messages in the epilogue smoothed things over for me a bit. This is definitely a book for a the young adult, sci-fi reader/watcher.


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